Top 3 Social Media Challenges for the SMB-Part 2

Top 3 Social Media Challenges for the SMB-Part 2

Part 2 – What should I post and where?!?

In one of our previous blog post, we talked about the “why”, what will your business get out of social media. To summarize, there are 3 primary reasons (more money, less costs, better customer satisfaction). Your campaign plan will tell you which of those you’re focusing on for the posts.

Now for the “Where” and “What”.social-media-marketing

First, this is NOT about what social outlet you use the most. Based on your plan (yes, I’ll bug you constantly about the plan), there are specific channels to get you the biggest bang for the buck. There are multiple studies showing where different people hang out. If it’s women, Facebook or Pinterest. Men, shoot for Twitter.

But what about your product or service? Shouldn’t we focus on that, too?!? You bet. That’s why we have a Social Media Campaign test. Think of a personality test for your business to find your best match. (Yes, it’s based on science and we walk you through the approach.)

So, we have an answer for the “where”. Now “what”?

Let’s look at the plan (told you I’d be bugging you on this one). It will tell us the goal and metrics to measure success. Let’s say we want to grow our market share (how many customers “like” us and buy our stuff).

Your posts will be to become part of their brand. Yes, not about telling them why the things you sell are great. It’s about what your target audience finds important. You want them to share your posts / pins / tweets, not just follow. There’s only one reason they’ll “share” is it touched their personal feelings, thoughts, interests. This is a giant amount of strategy to take in through a few sentences, so we’ll dive into the psychology in another post.

The “what” will be trial and error (nobody’s perfect) to get your audience involved and believe you get them. This is why you MUST have metrics outlined and tracked during the process. Otherwise, it will be a waste of time.

Focused marketing with tangible results tracked during the entire campaign. Isn’t that the goal of sales and marketing???

What do you think? Already doing this? Do you have a different approach? Let’s hear it! Leave a comment.

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