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Announcing eolana Web Services

As you may have expected, we’ve expanded our services to include website development. It’s a logical step when considering the full-circle / end-to-end / (insert preferred cliche) for digital marketing services. At the same time, we’ve chosen to add web Social-Media-World-Pichosting to our suite of services. As we’re providing this support to 4 of our own brands, it made sense to help customers with a reasonable, viable and cost-effective alternative to the big boys.

Where, how long, experience?

My personal experience extends to the late nineties. When at PeopleSoft, employees (PeoplePeople) were allowed their own website. It helped with launching of browser-based ERP. Here, you had to code the webpage. So, I’ve learned several web development language, tools and methods over 15 years. Today, we’re supporting WordPress as the tool and platform of choice.

eolana’s Market

When speaking with a marketing collegue, he confirmed what I was seeing and hearing from the crowd: people / SMBs need experienced digital services to compete. We have a couple customers already. It’s looking good for a couple more.

Our services now include a host (pun intended) of web services. This includes, design, development, hosting and support. As mentioned before, it’s built on WordPress technology. If you haven’t seen it latelty, you should take a closer look at some of your favortie websites. The features and functions are impressive. It’s far more than just blogs anymore.

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