Increase holiday sales with eolana’s Christmas Crunch

Yes, it’s time to plan for the holiday rush. Some may say it’s too late … Kmart’s seasonal commercials easily prove this point.

Getting started can seem overwhelming when you’re running a business. This is the perfect time to work with someone to be your helper (dare I say, elf?). We can make the process simple and increase holiday sales for your company. It’s all part of our Christmas Crunch programChristmas_crunch_logo

We have a 7 step process to prepare, contact your customers and rake in the holiday sweet sales. Our services are a complete package of holiday sales messaging, seasonal graphics, store / product photography, social media engagement and weekly results analysis.

The average holiday impact on the bottom line is 33%, but can be as much as 80% of small business revenues. With so much of your business revenue, can you afford to do holiday marketing on your own?

Contact us for more information, read more about Christmas Crunch or post your thoughts below.

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