SEO for Social Media and Websites

One of the key aspects for any business is being found on the internet. SEO for social media and websites is a top priority to make this happen.

When transitioning to new hosting and website, there are steps we take to keep and grow their presence on the internet.

SEO Puzzles

  • Review, copy and modify current SEO settings – From the current website, we capture the entire source code used by the current provider. We’re using this as the starting point for the new designed website at the new hosting company.
  • New SEO tools – GoDaddy and WordPress have tools to rate and make recommendations on improvements to your website. We’re using these to create the best ways for all search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) to find our customers.
  • New content – Search engines love content. The more information you have about your company, the more pictures & video, social media links, the higher rating you’ll receive by the search engines. This means two important things:
    1. The customer will move up in the search rankings (become number one website listed on a search), and
    2. Make it easier for our Customers to be found using different words by different people when searching (i.e. searching for “wine tasting” vs. “wine events”).

We’re being very meticulous at how we’re approaching the move. The goal is tying all the parts together to bring more and more business through the door.

How do you drive search engines, SEO and Social Media?

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