Top 3 Social Media Challenges for the SMB – Part 1

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Top 3 Social Media Challenges for the SMB

Part 1 – What’s in it for me?

When working with presidents and CMOs, there is a few consistent challenges they face when it comes to using social media marketing.

  1. Where do I start?
  2. What should I post?
  3. What will my business get from digital marketing?

All very valid questions. Let’s take a look at each point and add some commentary to the reasons behind digital marketing. How about we start with the last question. After all, it’s all about the – WHY should I do it?Social Tree of Life

What will my business get from digital marketing?

What is being asked is why should I even spend my time and money paying on Facebook (substitute twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest), etc.? This is the most important point. Every owner should be ask how it makes me more money, or spend time elsewhere.

Believe it or not, about almost half of marketing departments can’t answer this question <Duke Marketing Study> This is why cross-platform Analytics comes into play (one of eolana’s specialties!).

Social Media Playbook – eolana has a set of steps to outline every aspect of your social media program. From setting the campaign strategy to analysis of your metrics is laid out. This keeps everyone on the same page of what is being done, why and how well did we do.

When launching a new campaign, you have a multi-step strategy. You have a message to get into certain markets and demographics. This can mean multiple platforms to get complete coverage. Part of the campaign is the expected results. How else can you improve and measure your marketing spend without knowing and analyzing the results?

Let’s pause here for a station break (and save you from reading a book). In our next post, we’ll tackle what you should be posting.

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