Analytics and Marketing

Analytics Consulting

eolana-analytics_graphics_examplesSuccessful businesses need access to data for making smarter decisions. With big data, predictive analytics, dashboards and reports, how do you manage your analysis? Based on your needs, eolana will show you a path to move from emailing spreadsheets to role-based dashboards.

There are 14 pre-defined metrics for combining financial results with social media success to assess the effectiveness of your campaign. Our process and dashboards provide a comprehensive look at the value of social media for your business.



Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest can all benefit your business’ communications efforts. Each platform has its own unique style and expectations with its users and we can help educate you in this fast-paced online environment.

For example the rate of content absorption on Twitter is a lot faster when compared to platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We believe engaging with people on social media platforms should generate clear results.

How do you decide which platforms are best for your business? We use the eolana social business assessment™ (SBA).  The SBA looks at several values such as your industry, products and target customers to recommend the best platforms for social marketing success.

We’ll help you navigate through this complex digital environment and ensure your message is delivered to your clients.


Social-Media-BrandingDigital Marketing Packages

Get Social – Crank up the ROI
Many small businesses are still struggling to see the ROI in their social media activities. Remember, a great strategy that’s not properly executed is nothing more than that, a great strategy.

With social media, you don’t need a big budget to start seeing ROI in your social activities, you may just need a little expert guidance to help get you on the right track.

Which social package is best for your business?


Here is a list of our monthly packages:

  1. Social Basics: Includes social strategy and management on 2 social platforms of your choice.
  2. Social Plus: The Social Plus package includes social content creation, monitor questions, interact with your fans and brand building across 4 social platforms.
  3. Social Prime: The monthly premium package is a custom package created just for you and your business needs. We partner to create a social media action plan to help establish your business online, integrate with your website and build a strong social media impression.

With each package, there is an account kick-off service. This will:

  • facilitate the collaboration for creating a Social Media Playbook (7 steps for executing your social media campaign),
  • deliver an assessment of your current profiles,
  • make any necessary updates to social media IDs and profiles,
  • build / update social pages,
  • setup the posting calendar for your campaign and platforms,
  • identify partners, influencers, followers to build brand and accelerate following, and
  • design, create and plan roll-out of graphics and video.